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Certificate of Recognition

A Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to EMPLOYERS sponsoring their employees in addition with the individual training certificate whether classroom or online format. Please note the classroom training is conducted once (1x) a year only.

Project Managers Course

Do you want to become a competent project manager to complement your valuable experience? A project management skills based on international standards and best practice.

Advanced Construction Project Management

Learn the practical training and step by step instruction in Construction Management to start your career in construction and engineering projects. 

Master Certificate in Project Management

Enrol and complete the Online training and Course assessment + 2 Day Classroom for either the Project Managers Course or the Advanced Construction Project Management to get your Master Certificate.


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Course Overview:

You will learn...


1. Project Planning, Scheduling, & Control

Understanding your project requirements. Managing the Scope of Works includes: Managing the scope of works why it's important. Breakdown your project into manageable components. Integrating the WBS with the Project Schedule. Tools & technique in Scheduling and Control. Creating the Project Schedule. 

2. Managing Project Teams

Project team stages & development. Conflict management for project managers. Project manager a leader.

3. Project Cost & Earn Value Management

Basic element of project Earned Value Management(EVM). Project EVM Performance Analysis and Forecasting. How to use key EVM practices.


Can Start With The Lessons Immediately...

  • How to Become a Competent Project Manager
  • Fundamentals of Managing Construction Projects

"Lunch & Snacks" included for the 2 DAY training seminar.

Who can Enrol:

Any Engineers, Architects, construction management, project management, and related degree preferably with at least two (2) years of related experience,

For new graduates and those with less than 2 years of experience, you CAN take the ONLINE training directly.  Because of the 3-7 weeks duration + course assessment for better training results and value of return on investment.

And to avail of the best training path the Master Certificate Program shown in this page.

Questions? Email to [email protected]


[2 DAY CLASSROOM35% Early Bird]

Course Overview:

You'll learn...

1. Planning of Quality

Understanding the owner project requirements. Project Quality Systems, International Standards for Projects.

Top management leadership responsibility. Quality Policy,Project Quality Objectives, Project teams.
Cost of Project Quality.

2. Construction Standards & Procedures

Site coordination and approval process in construction project

3. Advanced Quality Assurance /Quality Control in Construction Projects

Project audit & classification of audit. How audit is conducted in construction project.

Process of quality control applied to construction activities like: Method statement, Inspection Test Plan (ITP), Activity checklist, Risk Assessment , and Documenting the work method statement.

4. Project Stages, Performance Evaluation, and Project Close out.


Can Start With The Lessons Immediately...

  • HSE Management for Construction Professionals. 
  • Problem Solving Technique & Root Cause Analysis

"Lunch & Snacks" included for the 2 DAY training seminar.

Who can enroll:
Any Graduate of Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Related Degree, and Construction Professionals.

Experience is NOT required.




Owner/Developer, Engineering & Design Consultant, CONTRACTORS, and Allied Engineering Services.

A "Certificate of Recognition" shall be awarded to a company/organization by sponsoring their employees for training, whether Online or 2-DAY Classroom training, in addition to the individual training certificate.

  • This Certificate of Recognition is critically important for business development attach in company profile and as evidence of employer's commitment to continues improvement and excellence. 
  • In addition, it fulfill the requirements of prospective project OWNERS during tender on employer's supporting documents on company project strategic plans and achievements.
  • Both the Certificate of Recognition and individual certificate sponsored by the employer will serve as evidence of company training plans in the last 3 years, which required during project audit to name a few.
  • While individual training certificate awarded to employees will satisfy the requirements of training attended in the last 3 years; these are requirements to be attached in the CV of project staff, engineer, project manager etc. during tender evaluation; also, attach in the nomination and approval process by project Owner/Consultant before joining a project.

June 2019 Classroom Training


Enrol Now...Reserve Your Slot While You Still Can. Limited Seat Only.

Location of Training Seminar: Makati City; Hop Inn Hotel Madrigal Business Park Alabang; and Dasmarinas Cavite City.

Next Training Schedule 2021

We are coming near you one city at a time...

  • Cebu City

  • Davao City

Please take advantage of the scheduled classroom training in your city for it will take several years to come back, until we will complete the training tour to other key cities. Alternatively, you can avail of the 3-7 weeks + Course assessment Online training; to further take the 2 Day Classroom Training will entitle you to the certificate:

Master Certificate in Advanced Project Management



This Master Certificate Program will lead to the following Master Certificate:

1. Master Certificate in Advanced Project Management: 

Project Managers Course =  [Online and Course assessment] + 2 DAY Classroom Training

2. Master Certificate in Advanced Construction Management:

Advanced Construction Project Management = [Online and Course assessment] + 2 DAY Classroom Training.

Register in the Online Training today to start your Master Certificate either the, PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE or ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Then join us, just in-time for the upcoming 2-Day Classroom training scheduled above to receive among the first your Master Certificate. 

Who can enroll:
Any Graduate of Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Related Degree, and Construction Professionals.

Experience is NOT required.

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What You'll Get

  • You will learn the project management skills based on international standards and best practice to get ahead in your field in engineering, construction, and project management.
  • your knowledge and skills in project management will be your professional advantage
  • leverage your short and long term professional goals
  • work with international company
  • Earn a CPD through "Self Directed Learning"; read the  PRC CPD guidelines
  • gain professional development units(PDU),"Self Directed Learning" for PMP's, RMP's, etc.
  • easily transition to work abroad or anywhere in the GCC
  • your training certificate serves as evidence of formal training in project management - usually required by employer's
  • the training certificate will help facilitate for you to be shortlisted for an interview, and
  • with your training certificate it will increase your chances to get approve to join a project team...just to name a few.

Course Assessment

  • The Course Assessment is critically important part of the learning process to fast-track your career and become competent in project management. Moreover, it's a prerequisite of the Master Certificate training program.
  • Since the Online Training format have a 3-7 weeks duration + Course assessment is the key to learn, get the skills, and master project management, construction and engineering projects.
  • You will gain the confidence on almost the hard topic to develop the critical and in-demand skills, tools, and technique; the course assessment is the measure of the return on your investment.
  • Note: The 2-Day Classroom is a fast-track and assessment is NOT conducted for obvious reason.
  • "Lunch & Snacks" included for the 2 DAY training seminar.

To Enroll

Kindly please email us copy/photo of your diploma or PRC ID for verification purposes of your eligibility, then we will send the Payment Details. Email to [email protected]

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